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About MHTC

Mission and Beliefs

The goal of the Massachusetts High Technology Council is to help make Massachusetts the world’s most attractive place in which to live and work, and in which to create, operate, and grow high technology businesses.

Achieving this goal will:
  • Expand and improve job opportunities for Massachusetts citizens throughout all sectors;
  • Increase the productivity and well-being of all Massachusetts businesses and citizens and will expand tax revenues to aid the disadvantaged, protect the environment, rebuild the state’s infrastructure, and provide support for educational, medical, and cultural institutions.

The Role of Government

We believe Massachusetts’ state and local government should create an environment and attitude that encourages innovation and business growth and enact public policies consistent with that objective.

The government should refrain from targeted subsidies and direct investment in private enterprise but instead should invest in infrastructure, research, human resources development, and development and services that will benefit all business and institutions, public and private.

Fiscal Issues-Cost Competitiveness

We believe the health and vitality of the Massachusetts economy is directly related to the state’s commitment to meet the high quality of life it seeks to provide for its citizens. Competitive, stable and predictable tax rates, appropriate regulations and economic incentives, and other operating costs that are competitive with other states will lead to greater capital formation and employment growth throughout the states technology economy.

Education Issues-Talent Development

We believe the business community must assume a leadership role to ensure that the quality and cost of education are competitive and that education outcomes meet the needs of society.

The socio-economic future of Massachusetts will be determined by the quality and relevance of its public and private education system, from kindergarten through graduate school. Massachusetts high technology companies are especially dependent on an education system that is responsive to the needs of an increasingly technology-based economy.


State government plays a vital role in sustaining the competitiveness of industry and the well-being of its citizens. The High Tech Council believes that when the leaders of organizations and institutions that drive the state’s economy are unified, we can be far more effective in building constructive relations with State government and in enacting policies that are conducive to economic growth. We believe in the power of collaboration and continue to work with other like-minded organizations in shaping and delivering our recommendations and advocacy.

Leaders of Massachusetts’ Innovation Economy

Leaders of Massachusetts’ innovation economy have much to accomplish in the next few years.

The Council distinguishes itself by specializing in complex, multi-year public policy strategies in support of conditions that protect and enhance a strong Massachusetts economy.

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