Massachusetts is one of the most competitive locations to operate a high tech business, thanks to support of active and engaged leadership who represent many of the Commonwealth’s – and the world’s – leading technology and service companies that make up the Massachusetts High Technology Council, Inc.

Founded in 1977, the Council is comprised of CEO-level executives, making it nimble, result-oriented and unbowed by political risk as it works to support policies that benefit the state’s diverse technology economy. Our mission is focused on two core public policy pillars: 1) cost competitiveness (economic/fiscal policy); and 2) talent development (education policy).

Through membership in the Massachusetts High Technology Council, our members are able to accomplish one of their most important external responsibilities in an efficient and cost-effective way. That responsibility is to help make Massachusetts the world’s most competitive place in which to create, operate and expand high technology businesses.

For over 30 years, the Council has led or co-led several major public policy victories at state, federal, and local levels that have advanced cost competitiveness and talent development across the high tech sector and the wider economy.