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Massachusetts is in The Fiscal Stability Cellar

By Robert L. Reynolds and Christopher R. Anderson

We’re accustomed to winning in Massachusetts.

The Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins have combined to earn 11 championships since 2000. No other region of the US comes close to these accomplishments in professional sports. Even more important, in the civic realm, Massachusetts ranks at or near the top nationally in education, talent, employment levels, capital investment, income, and overall quality of life. Even the country’s best pizza is made here in Massachusetts, according to TripAdvisor. Continue reading

Millionaire Tax Wrong Way to Play Robin Hood

The millionaire tax is a brilliantly marketed bad idea.  It’s hard not to find appeal in the concept of higher taxes on top earners when income disparity has grown dramatically in recent years.  An additional boost to that feeling comes from the new federal tax bill calculated to benefit plutocrats and further aggravate disparity.  Federal tax rates are still progressive but the richest will pay less on their U.S. returns so why not make them pay more to the Commonwealth?  Equally appealing is the requirement that revenue generated by the new millionaire tax must be spent on public education and transportation.

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