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Mass. Tech Council Leader Wary Of Losing H-1B Visa Holders — But Not Alarmed By Trump’s Travel Ban (WBUR 5:57)

By Bob Oakes and Yasmin Amer

Massachusetts tech companies are among those in the industry watching President Trump’s immigration policies very closely. Many are worried that his next move will target worker visas known as H-1B.

Some tech companies — including ones here in Massachusetts — depend on those visas to be able to hire foreign talent.

Chris Anderson, president of the Massachusetts High Technology Council, joined Morning Edition to discuss these concerns.

Click here to listen to this WBUR Morning Edition segment.


As Dell Looks To Buy EMC, ‘Troubling’ Trends Seen Keeping Tech Talent In Mass.

By Deborah Becker

Hopkinton-based tech giant EMC Corp. has not specifically outlined just what the $67 billion deal with Dell Inc. means for its 9,700 employees here in Massachusetts.

To talk about the impact of the deal, Massachusetts High Technology Council President Chris Anderson joined Morning Edition.

“Massachusetts is not a “one tech town” but the departure of CEO leadership out of state is part of a troubling trend.  Policymakers have to focus on how to encourage and incentivize the “next EMC” from within today’s thriving startup community to grow to scale here rather than elsewhere in the future.”  ~ Chris Anderson