Public Policy Agenda

The High Tech Policy Agenda: Dedicated to Growth, Committed to Action

Leaders of Massachusetts’ technology, professional services, and research institutions have much to accomplish in the next few years. These years are perhaps the most important ones for our member companies and their employees and families, because the future of the Commonwealth and its economic well-being and quality of life have become so much more dependent on the profitable growth of the high tech economy.

Solutions to the Commonwealth’s long-term fiscal stability challenges and the potential consequences of inaction, lie sustaining a nonpartisan advocacy effort to increase engagement among private employers, civic leaders, and elected officials improve Massachusetts’ fiscal position and preserve its ability to invest in shared priorities. We must be willing to invest time and financial resources; to get out in front on some tough public policy issues; and to take a fair amount of political risk if we are to have an impact.

Council directors and members meet with Administration and Legislative leaders to set policy priorities annually. During the 2019-2020 legislative session, core teams of Council leaders—in partnership with subject matter experts and Council staff—are working to advance the emerging policy priorities below.

Graduated Income Tax Trap
Education and Workforce
Publicly Funded Health Care
Advocacy and Testimony

Leaders of Massachusetts’ Innovation Economy

Leaders of Massachusetts’ innovation economy have much to accomplish in the next few years.

The Council distinguishes itself by specializing in complex, multi-year public policy strategies in support of conditions that protect and enhance the resiliency and long-term strength of the Massachusetts economy.

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