2022 Graduated Income Tax Constitutional Amendment Initiative

In 2019, Massachusetts legislators proposed and provided initial approval to an amendment to the state constitution that would eliminate a century-old requirement that Massachusetts impose taxes at a uniform rate.

The proposed amendment would impose one of the highest state income tax rates in the country and make Massachusetts the only state in the nation to permanently enshrine such a tax in its state constitution where it cannot be adjusted in the face of changed circumstances in the future.

The Council is working with employers and civic leaders from across Massachusetts to urge state legislators to send an important signal to economic decision makers and business leaders that Massachusetts’ recovery strategy will be built on the competitive benefits and fairness of the Commonwealth’s highly-progressive, uniform income tax rate, which small and large employers support and taxpayers have voted overwhelmingly to preserve 5 times in the past 60 years.

The Council is committed to leading an ongoing, multiyear effort to educate policymakers and civic leaders on the amendment’s damaging effects; prevent the amendment from being approved; and advance policies that will mitigate its negative effects.

Leaders of Massachusetts’ Innovation Economy

Leaders of Massachusetts’ innovation economy have much to accomplish in the next few years.

The Council distinguishes itself by specializing in complex, multi-year public policy strategies in support of conditions that protect and enhance the resiliency and long-term strength of the Massachusetts economy.

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