Council members are innovative leaders representing every sector of the Massachusetts high tech economy.  Since 1977, the High Tech Council has played a central role in achieving success on public policy issues that directly affect the ability of high tech companies to grow in Massachusetts.

As part of our mission to make Massachusetts the world’s most attractive place to live and work, and in which to create, and grow high technology business, the Massachusetts High Technology Council developed the Massachusetts’ Technology, Talent and Economic Reporting System or MATTERS.

MATTERS™ is an online tool designed to help measure and evaluate Massachusetts’ current competitive position among leading technology states while providing policy makers with the information critical to developing public policy that attracts and retains business to the state.  Developed under the direction of faculty and students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MATTERS™ consolidates a collection of independent national rankings along with a set of key cost, economic and talent metrics into a single source for use by all parties interested in building a successful future for Massachusetts’ technology-based business.