The High Tech Agenda keeps Council members and partners up to date on its pro-growth advocacy concerning state and federal public policies and programs in support of its mission to help make Massachusetts the world’s most attractive place in which to live and work, and in which to create, operate, and grow high technology businesses.

The March 2017 High Tech Agenda includes:

  • An update on the Council’s February 23rd Board of Directors meeting and priority-setting activity for 2017-18;
  • Detailed information about the Council’s upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting and 40th Anniversary celebration featuring Governor Baker, CNBC Top State’s for Business creator Scott Cohn and the presentation of the inaugural Ray Stata Leadership and Innovation Award;
  • A comparison of the state’s recent No. 1 US News & World Report “Best States” ranking with the Commonwealth’s profile and performance in the Mass. Technology, Talent and Economic Reporting System (“MATTERS”) and other 50-state competiveness rankings;
  • News about the Spring 2017 MATTERS Executive Competitiveness Insight Survey; and
  • Insights into “Data that MATTERS” to Massachusetts technology leaders and job creators.

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