Mass. High Tech Council Update – December 11, 2008

2008 Review

As 2008 draws to a close, there is no more important time in the Council’s 31-year history for your membership investment than now. This year, as the economic tide turns in Massachusetts and across the nation, pressure is mounting on our elected state officials to look for ways to combat a slowing economy.

Historically, it is in times of economic crisis that the opportunity for meaningful systems change presents itself. In 2009 the Council will lead a charge for meaningful reform of key aspects of the state’s tax, public education and other policies that are often passed over during more tranquil times. A summary of our 2008 accomplishments is available by clicking here.

CEO Survey

You can help shape this effort by participating in our annual survey (last chance!). The Council distributed its 2009 CEO Survey earlier this month and in response to the current economic situation and recommendations made by the Council Board of Directors, we are pursuing an increasingly focused agenda dedicated to action within the following public policy areas: education, regulation, economic and tax policy. The 2009 CEO Survey is reflective of this and as a result is more focused and concise.

Once again this year the CEO Survey results will be linked to MassTrack (see MassTrack section below), which assesses the support of each member of the state Legislature on how they vote on public policy priorities identified in our survey. Our 2008 Legislative Scorecard was released prior to last month’s elections and our annual Municipal Rankings was released in late November. This year MassTrack has helped quantify compelling sound public policy decisions among state and local officials, as more than thirty-two cities and towns adopted expedited permitting and each of the top five cities and towns was represented by a top scoring legislator.

Please click here to help direct the Council’s 2009 agenda by participating in this important survey.

Governor’s Clean Energy Challenge