Broad Coalition Urges Governor Patrick to Sign Municipal Health Insurance Reform

In January of this year, Governor Patrick announced his plan to address the untenable increases in municipal health care costs, which would require all cities and towns to either join the GIC or institute a program of equivalent value and cost by the start of fiscal year 2012. Last week, the Legislature sent the Governor a municipal health reform plan that provides a local option for large and immediate savings to fiscally strapped cities and towns. Municipal employees will continue to receive excellent health care – at a minimum, the same that state workers receive with greater bargaining power. The Legislature’s plan will achieve real savings within the next fiscal year, while preserving generous benefits for retirees and employees and ensuring labor a meaningful seat at the table. We urge Governor to sign this reform into law without amendments, and meet his commitment to provide cities and towns with the tools they need to save jobs, control costs, and deliver vital public services, while preserving labor’s significant role in the process.

Associated Industries of Massachusetts,
The Boston Foundation, Boston Municipal Research Bureau,
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce,
Massachusetts Business Roundtable,
Massachusetts High Tech Council,
Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation,
Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, and
Stand for Children