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A 2nd Try at a Surcharge on the Wealthy

By Jon Chesto GLOBE STAFF Welcome to the Millionaires Tax Showdown, Part 2. It could get ugly. The two sides last faced off in court. They’re girding for battle again on Thursday — this time before a legislative committee in the State House’s cavernous Gardner...

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Is Mass. Ready For An Economic Slowdown?

Unemployment is down and Massachusetts' economy continues to expand. But some high tech executives warn the state may not be ready when an economic slowdown arrives. To highlight the risks, the Massachusetts High Technology Council will host a forum Tuesday,...

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Millionaire Tax Back in Play

By Bruce Mohl and Michael Jonas The Backers of the millionaire tax are preparing to mount a second campaign to get it passed, but this time they are using an approach designed to sidestep the legal issues that derailed the constitutional amendment the first time....

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Working Together to Preserve Economic Stability

July 04, 2018 We’ve heard the expression “the devil’s in the details” bandied about recently. It’s a cliché that can contain some truth. But the details can sometimes hide devils. Take the Massachusetts economy, for example, where statistics show a state firing on all...

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Misguided Millionaires Tax Was a Nonstarter

By Rachelle G. Cohen JUNE 18, 2018 Make no mistake, Massachusetts just dodged the economic bullet that the so-called millionaires tax would have been. But to those public employee unions and progressives that were virtually salivating over the potential $1.9 billion...

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SJC Should Spike Proposed Millionaires

By Jeff Jacoby Sometime this spring, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will decide whether the so-called Fair Share Amendment can appear on the state ballot in November. The proposal would amend the Commonwealth’s constitution, which for more than 100 years has...

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Judges Scrutinize Income Tax Surcharge

By Jon Chesto If the business groups challenging the millionaires tax win their legal battle to block the ballot question, they might have the now-defunct greyhound industry to thank. That’s because the Supreme Judicial Court justices who heard arguments for and...

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Leaders of Massachusetts’ Innovation Economy

Leaders of Massachusetts’ innovation economy have much to accomplish in the next few years.

The Council distinguishes itself by specializing in complex, multi-year public policy strategies in support of conditions that protect and enhance a strong Massachusetts economy.

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