The School Series

Since the passage of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act in 1993, the Commonwealth’s education system has been the gold standard for schools across the nation and world. However, despite consistently ranking as one of the top states for education, disparities in access to quality schools and the resources needed for academic success remain prevalent. The social and economic consequences of failing to address these inequities are profound.

The Council has a longstanding history of supporting and advancing education policies that balance state financial aid with high standards of student assessment and empowerment and accountability for educators, and ensure all public-school students and parents have access to innovative and high-performing institutions. In 2019, the Council provided a testimony to the Joint Committee on Education to support House Bill 70, An Act to Promote Equity and Excellence in Education, also known as the Student Opportunity Act. As an affiliate of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, the Council continues to advocate for policies that improve our schools and provide equitable access to resources, a fundamental piece for closing opportunity, and eventually, achievement gaps.

One of the most important challenges and opportunities our Commonwealth faces in our efforts to move the state towards greater equity for all is the continued improvement of Massachusetts’ public schools. By addressing inequities within the state’s education pipeline, current levels of income inequality could reduce dramatically, which is essential to sustaining Massachusetts’ post-pandemic economic recovery and long-term economic well-being. Specifically, the Commonwealth must maintain and enhance the quality achieved by many public school districts, while accentuating efforts to close and eliminate persistent opportunity gaps that separate low-income students, English language learners, students with a disability, and students of color from their peers.

Public Charter Schools, private and parochial schools each provide important and successful models that tackle these inequities head-on. To truly make Massachusetts the world’s most attractive place to live and work, and to create, operate, and grow high technology businesses, it is critical that ALL Massachusetts students, regardless of ZIP code, have access to high-quality education that equips them for a lifetime of success and provides our innovation economy with the talent-based fuel that powers it.

The School Series: Addressing Education Opportunity Gaps

The Massachusetts High Technology Council is proud to launch a Diversity, Equity and Opportunity (DEO) Initiative series dedicated to addressing educational opportunity gaps by connecting members and other leaders with K-12 schools that operate in low-income and under-resourced communities across the state. Through events, partnerships, and data-driven insight, The School Series will feature institutions that are making an impact in the lives of low-income students and highlight the importance of ensuring these schools have the resources and tools needed to provide students with a path to limitless opportunity.

Upcoming Events

The School Series will kick-off on Thursday, September 23 at 11:00 AM EDT with a virtual roundtable featuring Lawrence Catholic Academy (LCA), a Pre-Kindergarten (Age 3) through Grade 8 Elementary School in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Visit the Council’s Events page to find out about upcoming programs and events.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with The School Series or nominating a school to feature in a future session? Please contact Council President Chris Anderson to learn more.

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