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Adding Value for Our Members

Hear from Council leaders about our mission and impact.

“I am proud and honored to be a Director of the Mass High Tech Council. I believe its mission of fostering innovation and economic growth is delivering huge benefits to the Commonwealth. Whether by backing investments in STEM education or vocational training, supporting light-touch regulation and backing pro-growth tax, employment and immigration policies, MHTC helps sustain the whole innovation “ecosystem” that keeps Massachusetts’ tech sector globally competitive. The benefits in terms of jobs, incomes, and tax revenues flow to the state and to all our citizens – far beyond the high-tech sector. Simply put, MHTC offers the visions – and the voice – of a far brighter future for Massachusetts.”

Robert L. Reynolds

CEO, Putnam Investments & Great-West Financial

“The Council represents the opportunity to listen and learn from successful technology leaders and help lead Massachusetts and our organizations to achieve exceptional outcomes.”

Aron J. Ain

Executive Chair, Board of Directors, UKG

“At Boston Scientific we care about the communities our employees live and work in, the Mass High Tech council has been working to make sure Massachusetts is a competitive place to do business for the last 40 years and we appreciate that effort. We have our company headquarters in Marlborough Massachusetts and approximately 2000 employees in the state, the affiliation with the Mass High Tech Council works with state legislators in an effort to make Massachusetts a desirable place to live while enjoying a challenging career.”

Ed Mackey

Executive Vice President, Global Operations, Boston Scientific

“UMass Lowell has always studied business and industry trends to strategically align our research with the technological needs of the Commonwealth in the development of the professional workforce and committed citizenry necessary in remaining competitive in an increasingly technology-based economy.”

Jacqueline Moloney

Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Lowell

“Oasis is proud to be a member of the Mass High Tech Council. For more than 40 years, they have been the premier business association that works collaboratively with state government to develop policies and programs that engages and promotes a successful businesses climate while also enriching and advancing the State’s common good.”

Thomas J. Colatosti

President & CEO, Oasis Systems

“Since its inception in 1977, MHTC has continued to be the advocate in making Massachusetts a global destination for innovation in the life sciences and biotech. As a council member, we recognize that the shared goal of growing an innovation economy benefits us all, and creates tomorrow’s opportunities.”

Udit Batra

CEO, Waters Corporation