Black Representation & Equity Initiative

About the Council’s BRE Initiative

In July 2020, the Council announced the launch of a multiyear Black Representation and Equity Initiative to be led by the Council’s Executive Committee.
Black Representation and Equity Initiative

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We invite you to join us and get involved with the Black Representation and Equity initiative. Please contact Chris Anderson for more information. Visit the Council’s Events page to learn more about upcoming BRE events.

MHTC is committed to advancing the BRE agenda with many efforts already underway.



62% have defined a measurable and time-bound BRE ambition.
23% have plans to set a BRE ambition in the next 12 months.

This dashboard captures the % of a representative set of members who have the following initiatives in flight.

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding


strengthened the Black talent pipeline.

Affinity Groups & Targeted Initiatives


empowered employee resource groups to drive business changes.

Performance Management


implemented process improvements to retention and promotion.

Inclusive Culture


created mechanisms to cultivate and reinforce inclusive behaviors.

Hear What Our Members Have to Say

“Since its inception in 1977, MHTC has continued to be the advocate in making Massachusetts a global destination for innovation in the life sciences and biotech. As a council member, we recognize that the shared goal of growing an innovation economy benefits us all, and creates tomorrow’s opportunities.”

Udit Batra, CEO, Waters Corporation

“The MHTC’s diverse membership and extensive connections allow KPMG to stay connected to our clients and informed of industry and policy changes affecting KPMG and our client’s businesses. This sense of community has been an invaluable resource for our team.”

Darren Donovan, Boston Office Managing Principal, KPMG LLP

“The MHTC advocates for the critical issues that affect the competitiveness of industry in the Commonwealth. Member companies benefit from the continuous MHTC focus on the cost of doing business and the educational/talent environment.”

Al Bunshaft, SVP Global Affairs, Dassault Systemes

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Black Representation & Equity Sponsor Waters Corp.

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Recent Event

A Systematic Approach to Talent Management for Women & URMs

Co-hosted by PTC, Waters Corporation, Bain & Company, and McKinsey & Company, September 9, 2021
MHTC hosted our first combined Black Representation & Equity (BRE) and Women in Leadership (WIL) program, which focused on effective talent management strategies for women and underrepresented minorities.

The virtual event incorporated aspects from BRE and WIL, the Council’s pillar DEO programs, and included a keynote address from Belinda Hyde, Ph.D., of Waters Corporation, and a panel discussion featuring Andy Youniss of Rocket Software, Burunda Prince of the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Kenya Jacobs of Trane Technologies, moderated by PTC’s Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller.

Key topics discussed include:

Structural barriers that limit opportunity and movements

The importance of investing in your DEO efforts as you would with any other business priority

Actions individuals and senior leaders can take tomorrow to create more equitable outcomes that will lead to greater success for women and URMs

Past Events

Reaching & Attracting Diverse Candidates

Co-hosted by Waters Corporation and Bain & Company, July 20, 2021
The event focused on increasing the funnel to ensure diverse candidates participate in more equitable outcomes during the hiring process.

This event featured a panel discussion moderated by Belinda Hyde, Ph.D. of Waters Corporation with Victoria Budson of Bain Capital, Kaelyn Phillips of Monster, and Justin Pinchback of ZRG Partners, who shared best practices for expanding the talent pool and retaining diverse talent.

Key topics dicussed include:

Addressing key elements of the talent funnel, based on existing pain points, to turn an organization’s DEO vision into reality

Data-driven approaches for expanding recruitment efforts to reach diverse talent pools

Methods for sustaining momentum to attract Black talent, and then cultivating inclusive communities that retain those individuals

Jumpstarting Your DEO Journey

Co-hosted by Bain & Company, April 8, 2021
MHTC launched our BRE programming series with a panel moderated by Rob Ruffin from Bain & Company.

This event marketed the beginning of a 10-year commitment to increasing Black employee representation. The event featured a panel discussion with leaders of MHTC member organizations speaking about their DEO experience and sharing their learnings.

Key topics dicussed include:

Understanding your point of departure and setting an ambition that is inspiring, measurable, time-bound, and achievable

Translating ambition into actions

Tips, tricks and requirements for building early momentum

MHTC BRE Articles

Jumpstarting Your DEO Journey

MHTC and Bain & Company

A guide to help organizations translate their DEO vision into reality.

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