Diversity, Equity & Opportunity

Fostering diverse and inclusive cultures that provide all employees with a sense of belonging

About the Council’s Diversity, Equity & Opportunity Initiatives

As drivers of Massachusetts’ innovation economy, we are deeply committed to fostering diverse and inclusive cultures that provide all employees with a sense of belonging.

Through our Diversity, Equity and Opportunity (DEO) Initiatives, the Council partners with subject matter experts and stakeholders from the Commonwealth and beyond to aggregate data, understand root causes, identify actionable strategies, and share best practices.

The Council has four pillar DEO initiatives—Black Representation and Equity (BRE), The School Series, Tech Vets, and Women in Leadership (WIL).

Black Representation & Equity

The Council launched the multiyear BRE Initiative in July 2020, which marked the start of a 10-year commitment by participating Council members to increase Black employee representation at all levels to approximate or exceed the level of diversity within the community.

Women in Leadership

An outgrowth of continuing collaboration with McKinsey & Company, reacHIRE, and other key members to analyze research that tracks changes in the number of women represented at various points along the career path, the Council launched WIL in early 2019. With a goal of closing the leadership gap between men and women in the workplace, WIL helps guide successful efforts in recruiting, retaining, and promoting women into leadership responsibilities across our organizations through signature events, an impactful ‘leaders helping leaders’ model, data-driven resources, and more.

The School Series

One of the most important challenges and opportunities our Commonwealth faces in our efforts to move the state towards greater equity for all is the continued improvement of Massachusetts’ public schools. In September 2021, the Council launched a vital DEO initiative focused on addressing educational opportunity gaps by connecting members and other leaders with K-12 schools and programs that operate in low-income and under-resourced communities across the state. Through events, partnerships, and data-driven insight, The School Series features institutions that are making an impact in the lives of low-income students, highlighting the importance of ensuring these schools have the resources and tools needed to provide students with a path to limitless opportunity.

Tech Vets

Innovative, sustainable, and impactful talent strategies that support social mobility among underrepresented groups in our community and that stress STEM careers and improved effectiveness of our education delivery systems, are critical and remain on the Council’s priority list. At the 45th Annual Meeting in May 2022, the Council announced the relaunch of Tech Vets, reinforcing our commitment to the people who serve our nation. Through a new partnership between the Council, Monster, and Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, Tech Vets aims to educate employers on the value of US military veteran hiring by providing resources and expertise for transitioning military as they begin their civilian careers.

The Council’s DEO Initiative provides organizations and individuals with access to information, insights, and programming to translate ambition into tangible and sustainable actions.

Get Involved in the Council’s DEO Initiatives

Interested in engaging in our DEO Initiatives? Please contact Council President Chris Anderson for more information. Visit the Council’s Events page to learn about upcoming DEO programs.