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Economic Growth Agenda

Advancing a multi-year public policy agenda to support a sustained recovery of Massachusetts’ resilient private sector and economy from the impacts of COVID-19 and contribute to the long-term economic health of the Commonwealth is a top priority for Mass. High Tech Council leaders. Achieving this objective requires a shared vision, commitment, and collaboration between Council members, elected officials and other civic leaders.

Choices made by policymakers in the months and years ahead will have important impacts on innovation economy employers’ ability to thrive and create opportunity in Massachusetts. Private sector economic leaders will judge policy choices made by Massachusetts political leaders against a simple, fundamental test: Will a proposed policy support or stifle sustained economic recovery and growth for the Commonwealth?

The Council is committed to continuing our 43-year history of principled, non-partisan, and data-driven advocacy in support of policies that help make Massachusetts the world’s most attractive place in which to live and work, and in which to create, operate and grow high technology businesses.

Working together, we can and will secure Massachusetts’ future as a competitive and welcoming environment for employment, investment, and economic opportunity.

Contact Chris Anderson to learn more about the Council’s Public Policy Advocacy and Agenda.

Public Policy Advocacy and Agenda
COVID-19 Recovery & Return to the Workplace

Increasingly, the Massachusetts High Technology Council is stepping up to create, execute, and lead critical statewide competitiveness strategies. Fostering a vision for our innovation economy under the MassVision2050 banner, the Council solidifies its position as a thought leader providing valuable insights to navigate emerging technologies, facilitates long-term planning, and reinforces the Council's commitment to excellence and action in the evolving Massachusetts tech-driven economy.

To learn more, contact Council President Chris Anderson.