Technology Workforce Dashboard

About the Technology Workforce Dashboard

The Technology Workforce Dashboard provides dynamic technology occupational and industry data that shows various features of the technology workforce in Massachusetts and its economic importance. The dashboard highlights key facets of technology employment across all industries, with a focus on careers that attract graduates with STEM degrees. Along with graphical representation of information directly related to occupations, such as educational attainment, pipeline, earnings, skills in demand, and job growth, the dashboard lays out demographic data, including age distribution, gender, and race-ethnicity, by technology job type.

The dashboard presents key metrics on technology occupations in which individuals carry out technical functions based on specialized skills in computer and information technology. Employees of companies that produce technology products and services, but are not in technology roles themselves, are incorporated in the technology industry figures. This includes business professionals in areas such as finance, marketing, accounting, administrative, and creative services. The term “total net tech employment” refers to the combination of these two categorizations of technology employees and is based on the framework that CompTIA uses in its Cyberstates reports.

Occupational Codes

Data in the Workforce Dashboard corresponds to occupational and industry codes defined in the Purdue technology-based knowledge occupation cluster. The Purdue industry and occupation clusters were created through a joint project between the Center for Regional Development at Purdue University and labor market analytics firm, Emsi, as tools to explore economic competitiveness. The industry clusters are based on an analysis of interconnected industries that benefit from being near each other and occupation clusters on assessment of similarities in knowledge and skills for occupations in the region.

How to use the Technology Workforce Dashboard