Women in Leadership Group Mentoring Program

Empower and invest in women at every level in your organization with the Massachusetts High Technology Council’s new Women in Leadership (WIL) Group Mentoring program! Created to help bridge the gap for early/mid-career mentees who self-identify as women and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging in our community, we are thrilled to offer this exciting experience to current and future leaders at our member organizations.

Women in Leadership Group Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a highly effective strategy for leadership development that harnesses skills key for successful career advancement. This atmosphere creates inclusion better than diversity training, fostering a culture that provides women and minority leaders with constructive networking.

Women in Leadership Group Mentoring Program, Massachusetts High Technology CouncilThe Massachusetts High Technology Council proudly launched the WIL Group Mentoring Program in 2022 to help bridge the gap for early/mid-career mentees who are employees of MHTC member companies and who self-identify as women.

Group mentoring significantly improves the issue of “mismatch failure” while providing a larger dialogue for growth and mutual learning. For mentees, this increases the opportunity for building more connections amongst themselves and grants them perspectives from more than one mentor. For mentors, this furthers leadership and interpersonal skills, while providing underrepresented mentors the space to reach a wider number of mentees.

This is a structured, supported group mentoring experience. The uniquely impactful model provides career growth support for mentees, leadership practice for mentors, and an opportunity for all participants to enhance their skills and expand their networks. Matching is purposefully done, drawing groups of two mentors and four mentees together from different companies to increase confidentiality. The program will include training and information to enable all participants to gain the most value from the experience.

Women in Leadership Mentors

Mentors are senior-level leaders (directors, senior manager, director, VP and above, etc.) of any gender who are enthusiastic about sharing expertise, giving back, and looking to enhance their own leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Importantly, they are passionate about cultivating cultures of belonging for all employees and champions for Diversity, Equity and Opportunity.

Why be a Mentor?

Support and empower women at critical stages of their careers

Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools for executing effective leadership development and career planning
Expand your professional network, connect with other leaders within MHTC’s diverse membership base
Mentoring is a key strategy for diversity, equity, opportunity, and inclusion efforts
Cultivate meaningful, productive, heterogeneous relationships
Good mentoring provides accountability to drive growth, change, and personal development

Fulfillment of helping others advance their career goals

Mentoring teaches and encourages knowledge sharing, resulting in increased cross-functional communications

Women in Leadership Mentees

Mentees are highly motivated individuals who are in the early/mid-stages of their careers and self-identify as women. They are emerging leaders who have a desire to learn, a willingness to be mentored, a positive attitude, and are open to feedback. Mentees must be open to feedback and committed to doing the work it takes to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Why be a Mentee?

Acquire practical knowledge, encouragement, and support
Connect with and learn from inspiring future and current leaders within the MHTC membership

Accelerate your professional development and personal growth, including increased confidence and self-awareness

Gain invaluable insights from seasoned professionals across the diverse innovation economy ecosystem
Exposure to new ideas and different perspectives
Improve key competencies, from leadership development to interpersonal, communications, and critical-thinking skills

Promotes productivity and employee satisfaction

Obtain resources and tools to help navigate the workplace, including solving issues/conflicts

Registration for the 2022 program has closed. Please keep an eye out for information on participating in the 2023 program in the fall.



Who can participate in this program?
Mentors will be senior-level leaders of all genders currently employed by MHTC member organizations who are enthusiastic about sharing expertise, giving back, and looking to enhance their own leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Mentees will be early/mid-career professionals who are currently employed by MHTC member organizations and self-identify as women.

Should I apply to be a mentor or mentee?

Don’t let your title stop you! With deep experience in a field, you can make an impact for a mentee, regardless of your position. Apply where you think you are most suited to optimize your participation. We’ll consider your application for both roles.

How long is the program?
The formal program will be 7-8 months, but participants in mentoring circles often stay in touch for many years.
How often do mentoring groups meet? What is the time commitment?
Mentoring groups are encouraged to meet monthly for 3 hours. Many groups have shorter interim meetups or make informal connections as well.
I do not identify as a woman; can I still participate?
What good would it be for a diversity initiative to not be inclusive? This program is designed to support women who face additional hurdles in the innovation community, but all applications will be considered. Mentors from any gender are encouraged to apply.
What is the meeting structure?
Meetings will likely be virtual, but some groups may find ways to meet in person at some point this year. Detailed guidance and suggestions will be provided at the mandatory kick-off training event on March 17.
What if my assigned group/mentor does not work for me? Can I request for a new group/mentor?
Matching is a complicated process. The group mentoring model has a very high success rate. A level of confidentiality builds in the group over time, so if it’s not working out for you, you can withdraw for the year and try again in the future.
What if I or my mentor leaves a MHTC company during the mentoring program?
All those who match in the program and attend the March 17 kick-off event will be able to participate in the entire program.
Who is my point of contact?
Joanne Kamens, Ph.D. will check in on the groups during the year and be available all year for any questions about format, content, or mentoring skills.
If I missed the deadline, can I still apply?
If the application is still open, you can apply. Once it’s closed, applications will not be reopened.
For questions about the program, contact Joanne Kamens, Ph.D., and for questions regarding participation, contact Jenny Enfield.

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