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WPI data tool to measure Mass. tech strength

Feb 25, 2015Council in the News, Worcester Business Journal

By Emily Micucci

Worcester Polytechnic Institute announced the development of a new system to help evaluate Massachusetts’ competitive position among leading technology states.

Known as Massachusetts’ Technology, Talents and Economic Reporting Systems (MATTERS), the system was developed by WPI students and faculty in collaboration with the Massachusetts High Technology Council, an advocacy group. It provides corporations with critical information regarding expansion, as well as essential data for developing public policy that attracts and retains business.

“This reporting dashboard makes important data accessible to those who need it. It also demonstrates the impact that our faculty and students can have on the state’s competitiveness, especially in the technology sector,” Stephen Flavin, vice president of academic and corporate development at WPI, and a member of the Massachusetts High Tech Council, said in a statement Wednesday.

MATTERS allows users to compare technology strengths between states. For example, they can look at how Massachusetts and New York stack up on talent, cost and economy metics, as well as national rankings on tax climate and technology indexes. The tool can be accessed online here.

Increasingly, the Massachusetts High Technology Council is stepping up to create, execute, and lead critical statewide competitiveness strategies. Fostering a vision for our innovation economy under the MassVision2050 banner, the Council solidifies its position as a thought leader providing valuable insights to navigate emerging technologies, facilitates long-term planning, and reinforces the Council's commitment to excellence and action in the evolving Massachusetts tech-driven economy.

To learn more, contact Council President Chris Anderson.