Massachusetts High Technology Council’s Public Policy Agenda

Dedicated to Growth...Committed to Action

The Council’s Core Philosophy & Policy Approach

The Massachusetts High Technology Council is focused on sustaining the Commonwealth’s innovation economy amidst an ever-changing shifting federal and state policy context. Informed by member input and driven by data, our policy agenda focuses on two areas that are fundamental to the health of Massachusetts’ technology and sciences sector and the broader state economy:

Massachusetts Public Policy Agenda

Cost & Competitiveness

The Council advocates for policies that will improve the Massachusetts business environment and enhance the Commonwealth’s ability to compete with other locations for technology investment and job creation.

The Council supports policies that address key drivers of the high cost of doing business in Massachusetts including tax policy and administration, employer benefits costs, and employment and labor laws. We seek to create new competitive advantages and eliminate anti-competitive taxes, policies, regulations, and other barriers to private-sector growth while accelerating sustainable investment in transportation and critical public infrastructure.

Massachusetts Public Policy Agenda

Talent & Workforce

The Council supports education and workforce development policies and investments to expand technology employers’ access to talent pools and workers’ access to employment opportunities in the innovation economy. Partnering with other business organizations, we continue to advocate for rigorous education standards and effective workforce training policies.

Dedicated to Growth…Committed to Action

The Council believes that state and federal policies play an important role in creating a competitive economic environment that encourages innovation and business growth. This is especially true as organizations in many industries navigate the uncertainties of transition, including changes in consumer habits, adoption of new work norms and policies, and proposals for myriad new taxes on the state and federal level.

We are committed to working with policymakers to enhance our competitive strengths and address where we need to improve pro-growth policies to successfully accelerate capital investment and job creation, expand opportunities, enhance the quality of life for Massachusetts residents, and leverage the contributions of technology employers to the economic well-being and fiscal health of the Commonwealth.

Our Top Public Policy Priorities

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Cost of Doing Business

Education & Workforce Development

Health Care Cost & Quality

Housing Affordability

Taxation & Fiscal Management

Transportation & Infrastructure

Advocacy & Testimony