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Public Policy Agenda

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The Council’s Core Philosophy & Policy Approach

The Massachusetts High Technology Council is focused on sustaining the Commonwealth’s innovation economy amidst an ever-changing federal and state policy context. 

Massachusetts grapples with a myriad of intricate challenges, from the transformative impact of emerging technologies to changing demographics and global economic shifts. These challenges are further exacerbated by the disruptive effects of Massachusetts’ deteriorating business environment and changes in tax policies, demanding collective action.  

To stay ahead of these challenges and continue to thrive as a premier center of innovation, it is crucial that we work together to understand the implications of these trends and develop strategies that will allow us to take advantage of new opportunities and elevate the quality of life for all Bay Staters. 

Informed by member input and driven by data, the High Tech Council’s policy agenda focuses on several key areas that are fundamental to the health of the Commonwealth’s innovation sectors and the broader state economy: 

Business Climate & Competitiveness

The High Tech Council advocates for policies that will improve the Massachusetts business climate and enhance the Commonwealth’s ability to compete with other states for investment and job creation.

Since the late 1990s, Massachusetts has maintained its strong national rankings in healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability, thanks to a business-friendly environment that nurtures innovation, fuels investment, and propels job creation. This mutually reinforcing dynamic attracts a talented workforce, promotes economic stability, and creates a favorable atmosphere for businesses to flourish.

The state’s current outlier status in tax policy and the cost of doing business poses a threat to this delicate equilibrium, especially given that our tech-driven economy is highly mobile and the barriers to exiting high-cost states are lower than ever.

The High Tech Council supports policies that address key drivers of the Commonwealth’s outlier status and high business costs. This includes comprehensive reform in tax policy, addressing employer benefit costs, and refining employment and labor laws. The overarching goal is to establish new competitive advantages while actively working to reform anti-competitive taxes, policies, regulations, and other barriers hindering private-sector growth.

Talent & Workforce Development

Initial findings of MassVision2050 underscore the critical demand in Massachusetts for a workforce and talent pipeline equipped with 21st-century technical skills, a need that has never been greater. On top of that, the rapid evolution of technology and technical skills further widens skills and opportunity gaps among residents.

The High Tech Council and its members are dedicated to expanding opportunities for all Massachusetts residents by fostering sustainable partnerships throughout the talent development pipeline. Our goal is twofold: to ensure that businesses in Massachusetts have the talent they need to succeed and to attract and retain new businesses and jobs by tapping into the richly skilled and diverse pool of talent within the state. Simultaneously, this effort seeks to make the opportunities created by tech-driven industries widely visible and accessible to every resident.

Aligned with these objectives, the High Tech Council supports policies that foster sustained collaboration between businesses and education. Our advocacy aims to increase student access to career pathways and opportunities in the innovation economy by ensuring a seamless connection between education and industry.

This integrated approach actively drives opportunity and social mobility, creating a more inclusive and thriving environment throughout the Commonwealth.


Massachusetts’ nation-leading public schools and higher education institutions are a key strength for our state and help attract businesses to locate and grow here.

The High Tech Council is unwavering in its dedication to safeguarding the high standards that have elevated Massachusetts schools to national excellence. Our commitment extends beyond accolades—it seeks to foster equity across all school districts, ensuring that every student, regardless of their zip code, is held to the same rigorous standards. At a time when Massachusetts is losing people and jobs to other states, it is critical that we remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining a high standard of education.

The High Tech Council also recognizes the important role played by Massachusetts Higher Ed institutions. These institutions not only help prepare young individuals for the jobs of the future, but they also engage in impactful partnerships with industry, driving innovative research and technology development. This synergy between education and industry is key to shaping a workforce capable of navigating the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Quality of Life & Cost of Living

The High Tech Council supports policies that will address the cost of living and enhance the quality of life for Massachusetts residents, including housing affordability and availability and improving the quality of the state’s transportation infrastructure.

As more and more residents consider leaving Massachusetts, the Commonwealth must take steps to make the state more affordable. This is especially crucial for young individuals and recent graduates who represent the future of our innovation sector workforce.

The High Tech Council also recognizes that Massachusetts’ quality of life for its residents is correlated to the competitiveness of its business climate, which is why we advocate for substantial improvements in the state’s business environment. Neglecting such enhancements could diminish the overall quality of life, discouraging businesses and jeopardizing the state’s ability to fund and maintain essential quality-of-life services.

By addressing both affordability concerns and the business climate, Massachusetts can foster an environment conducive to innovation, economic growth, and a high quality of life for all its residents.

Dedicated to Growth…Committed to Action

The High Tech Council is committed to working with policymakers to protect and enhance Massachusetts’ competitive strengths to accelerate capital investment and job creation while expanding opportunities for all. Through collaborations with leaders from government, industry, and academia, our efforts seek to elevate the quality of life for Massachusetts residents and harness the invaluable contributions of innovation sector employers to fortify the economic well-being and fiscal health of the Commonwealth.

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