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COVID-19 Response: Recovery & Return to the Workplace

COVID-19 Response: Recovery & Return to the Workplace

The emergence of the COVID-19 health crisis and the resulting national recession in 2020 altered some—but not all—of the priorities of the Mass High Tech Council. Our policy and program focus remained the same, but the game plan shifted to how we collectively responded to—and recovered from—this crisis.

The High Tech Council’s Executive Committee, along with a diverse group of leaders from the diagnostic testing, life sciences, health care delivery, technology, and manufacturing sectors led by High Tech Council Executive Committee member Steve Pagliuca, developed the Massachusetts Recovery and Return to the Workplace Framework designed to restart the Commonwealth’s economy while protecting the health of residents.

Informed by input from senior executives with global perspectives and published insights and data from McKinsey & Company, the Council’s framework served as a trusted resource to guide leaders from the public and private sectors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Baker’s Reopening Advisory Board relied on much of the content in shaping the Commonwealth’s recovery plan.

The High Tech Council’s Recovery and Return to the Workplace Framework provided business leaders and innovation economy employers with peer-validated and timely information needed to help them restart operations and return to work safely and successfully. By leveraging the Council’s CEO-level network, our team of subject matter experts and contributors helped identify the specific conditions needed to restart economic activity in the Commonwealth.

See the information below about our COVID-19 Response Virtual Roundtables series.

MHTC Virtual COVID-19 Response Roundtable Series

To help employers and policymakers make the best decisions possible for our communities in support of a safe and sustained economic recovery, the Massachusetts High Technology Council launched our Recovery & Return to the Workplace Virtual Roundtable Series in March 2020.

These roundtables feature leaders from the business community, public sector, health delivery system, and professional services organizations who share perspectives and practices on an array of COVID-19 related issues, including:



Economic impacts

Public health and provider responses

Operations, business continuity, and supply chain

Managing careers in the new work from home reality


Telemedicine and telehealth

COVID-19 variants

Increasingly, the Massachusetts High Technology Council is stepping up to create, execute, and lead critical statewide competitiveness strategies. Fostering a vision for our innovation economy under the MassVision2050 banner, the Council solidifies its position as a thought leader providing valuable insights to navigate emerging technologies, facilitates long-term planning, and reinforces the Council's commitment to excellence and action in the evolving Massachusetts tech-driven economy.

To learn more, contact Council President Chris Anderson.