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MassVision2050 Analysis: The Impact of AI in Healthcare

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The digital transformation of healthcare provides an unprecedented opportunity to address the industry’s most pressing challenges, from rising costs to the growing healthcare workforce shortage.

Unlocking the full potential of this digital transformation, particularly with the evolving capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), requires reimagining all components of healthcare. A systemic view is essential to rethink how drugs, medical innovations, and services are designed, developed, and delivered.

As a global leader in Healthcare, Technology, Life Sciences, and Education, Massachusetts is uniquely positioned to lead innovation and redefine the healthcare landscape, making a difference for patients in the Commonwealth and beyond.

MassVision2050: Shaping Massachusetts’ Future in Healthcare Innovation

Exploring the intersection of technology and healthcare, the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare analysis is a groundbreaking member-led Innovation Sector project within the Massachusetts High Technology Council’s MassVision2050 initiative. 

Led by the High Tech Council and in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), this effort will assess the profound impact of AI on the healthcare sectors in Massachusetts, spanning Biotech/Biopharma, MedTech, and Health Services. 

Through collaboration with senior executives and thought leaders, we aspire to usher in a new era of AI-integrated healthcare and set the standard for an AI-integrated health ecosystem that goes beyond state boundaries. The project will articulate implications on workforce development, laying the foundation for a future-ready healthcare workforce. Together, we strive to enable a transformation that strengthens the healthcare ecosystem through proactive workforce development and changes in educational curricula.

Redefining the Future of Healthcare with AI

Artificial Intelligence is positioned to revolutionize healthcare by accelerating innovation, improving patient outcomes, and addressing challenges in cost, quality, and access. With a market projected to grow from $450B in 2022 to ~$900B in 2027, AI, particularly GenAI, is driving new frontiers in healthcare.  

With the High Tech Council and BCG at the forefront, we are collaborating with an Advisory Board of senior executives and thought leaders from the Massachusetts healthcare ecosystem to:

Determine AI Trends: Assess the state-of-play and AI trends reshaping the healthcare sector in Massachusetts.

Impact on Workforce: Evaluate the implications of AI on workforce requirements, including job capacity, skills, and competencies.

Craft Whitepaper: Develop a comprehensive whitepaper on future talent and workforce strategies for the Commonwealth.

By embracing an AI-integrated approach, we envision a future where technology and healthcare converge seamlessly, addressing challenges and paving the way for a transformative era in healthcare innovation. 

Advisory Board: Voices from Across the Massachusetts Healthcare Ecosystem

Our Advisory Board is comprised of senior executives and thought leaders representing organizations from the Massachusetts healthcare ecosystem:


Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Northeastern University
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Wentworth Institute of Technology
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare UMass Lowell

Biotech & Biopharma

Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Biogen
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Takeda


Boston Consulting Group Artificial Intelligence Healthcare

Healthcare Providers

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Artificial Intelligence Healthcare

MedTech & Life Science Solutions

Azenta Life Sciences Artificial Intelligence Healthcare
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare MilliporeSigma
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare MITRE
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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