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Cost of Doing Business

Reducing Costs of Doing Business, Overly Burdensome Regulations, & Restrictions on Innovation Commerce


Massachusetts has one of the strongest growth and innovation climates in the country and unrivaled talent in its workforce. But we are nonetheless one of the least competitive states in terms of the cost of doing business.

Cost Competitiveness

The Council seeks to address the public policy drivers of high business costs in Massachusetts while supporting policies that enable innovation economy employers to operate and recruit talent in the Commonwealth. We oppose counterproductive and misguided policy through advocacy that includes:

Advancing practical proposals to fix the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, advocating for structural reforms to fighting proposals that impose additional costs and administrative burdens on employers

Opposing healthcare reforms that place additional burden on employers or propose one-size-fits-all solutions that risk compromising high health service quality

Supporting policies that allow Massachusetts consumers to access web- and mobile-enabled services and technology platforms without overly burdensome regulations on operators

Amplifying awareness of the unintended consequences of new employer regulations that impose unnecessary costs without material benefits, such as disclosure mandates that impact Massachusetts’ competitiveness with other states

Monitoring and opposing taxes on digital products and services that add to the cost of doing business, including digital advertising tax proposals