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Pathways to Success: A New Coalition to Boost Workforce Pipeline

November 21, 2022 | Massachusetts High Technology Council

Maximizing educational opportunities has always been a priority of the High Tech Council. We have long-supported new programs to prepare students for high-earning and fulfilling careers in Massachusetts’ innovation economy. As Massachusetts transitions to a new executive administration, it is even more imperative that we create more effective channels to improve economic mobility and develop a skilled workforce.

Student Pathways to SuccessThe Council is proud to announce its membership in a new Coalition that will carry out critical work to meet these objectives: Student Pathways to Success. We are one of 14 organizations in this consortium that have signed on to prioritize maximizing new educational opportunities, led by the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE).

Making Pathways to Success More Accessible

Pathways to Success: A New Coalition to Boost Workforce Pipeline

Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

The Coalition represents students, parents, educators, and employers, to make pathways to success in college and careers more accessible. This includes creating stronger connections between high school curriculum and economic opportunities for students following graduation and universalizing access to secondary education and employment opportunities to create a more diverse and skilled workforce pipeline. The Coalition’s policy goals are designed to expand options for students and put educational improvements at the forefront of the policy agenda so that by 2030, every high school student in the Commonwealth will receive structured pathway programs. The high school opportunities on the pathways to success include earning college credit, participating in work-based learning, attaining industry-recognized credentials, and having access to dedicated career counseling. A central goal is to bridge these important educational opportunities to postsecondary degrees, high-growth industries, and in-demand occupations.

Joining Student Pathways to Success was an easy decision for the Council. The goals and policy priorities of the Coalition complement the talent strategies that the Council has consistently championed. Diversifying the talent pipeline and creating a more robust applicant pool by removing barriers to educational attainment are central goals of MassVision2050 and our Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity (DEO) programs.

Look out for more from us and the Coalition as we get closer to 2023.