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Baystate Business: Millionaires Tax (Radio)

Nov 18, 2021Bloomberg Business Radio, Council in the News

Bloomberg Baystate Business Radio for Thursday, November 18, 2021

Massachusetts High Technology Council President Chris Anderson joins hosts Joe Shortsleeve, Janet Wu, and Anne Mostue to discuss the misleading nature of the proposed Graduated Income Tax Amendment ballot description and the letter submitted to Attorney General Maura Healey and Secretary William Galvin on behalf of the High Tech Council requesting the language used on the November 2022 ballot and in the voter information guide to describe it is not misleading.

Produced by Dan Pierce.

Earlier on the show, Pioneer Institute Research Director Greg Sullivan discussed new research published by Pioneer on the negative impact the proposed Amendment would have on small businesses in Massachusetts. Skip to 13:46 on the full episode to listen and click here to read the study.

View the High Tech Council’s recent press release announcing the submission of the letter here and see results from a recent poll confirming the public overwhelming misunderstands the Amendment here.

Click HERE to listen to the full episode.

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